Hey my girlfriend now ex did this and what should I have done different? We dated for 3 weeks then this happens after she said she dosen't think she is the perfect girl for me.

my ex said she gotta deal with shit , and that why she wants to brake up. She said i was the best boy friend she could ever ask for like a week ago. she's fine with being friends or nothing so when i meet up to with her she had a big smile on her face because she was hanging with friends. which i was a pain to try to get her to come talk to me. then when we started talking she started to cry , we hugged and we kissed. She said she can't do this anyonne more any of it. then run off and text me say she still thinks we need to brake up that she should be alone and all. So when i said i dotn think we should be anything because this is the second time she used me as support or to make you last boyfriend jealous. I was her first boyfriend she had sex with then she feel apart when i broke up with her because become super clingy. then she got in a fight with her family and went to a city over. She text me after 3 months of not talking asking to hang out i went she talking about the other guy and she like im not going to date anyonne so i left and then i message her like 3 weeks ago she mesage that night come over had sex we dated for 3 weeks then this happens after she said she dosen't think she is the perfect girl for me. So i though she was brakign up with me so i said well it was fun wish ya luck in you life which was wrong on my part. So ya know she asked me weither or not we stay friends or nothing she is fine with both which if i say nothing she will sya wow and be pissed. Its over no matter what i love her and she says she loves me but can't do it anymore. So for future what should i have done different? besides not think that she meant we were breaking up.
So done with girls playing games


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  • I dont think you were at fault for the most part. Just be sure not to get clingy..


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