If a guy acts like that does he mean he still didn't get anything from you girls?

I know this guy who has a girlfriend but he's a complete ass player who likes banging other girls , and there is this girl quite smart and pretty he likes her and she likes him they talk a lot and he would go out of his way to help her sometimes or talk to her even if he's wasting his own time or jeopardizing his career , all the signs say they're doing something but at the same time if he still has to put so much effort into talking to her maybe he still has a long way before he gets anything from her right? i mean why would you still care so much if you already got what you want? i mean yes maybe he cares about her but they should tone it down a little and be more realxed around each other if anything happened right?


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  • You can still fall in love with someone even if you're with someone else. And it sounds like he doesn't really love his girlfriend to begin with.

    • well i guess you're right he wouldn't be touching or connecting with other girls if he really appreciates or at least respects his girlfriend

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