Date with this guy from my city that I met online?

I met this guy on facebook, he is a few years older than me (i'm finishing my master's degree-24- and he is already working-29-). We started talking about lots of different things and he asked me out for coffee. As I am extremely anxious about this kind of situation on a real life-social setting level I told him I am very busy this next few weeks with my thesis. I think he understood because he kept talking to me even though I kind of blew him off.
The thing is, I am not immediately atracted to this guy, but I think he is funny and he works in an area I can relate to, in a really cool place and all. And my last and only experience with a guy that was literally a greek god, led me to believe that looks are definitely NOT what matters most (the guy had a girlfriend on the side and was too forward for my liking). This is so stressing for me because I don't have any experience in dating, only ever kissed one guy, and I am a virgin, so I think I tend to overcomplicate things like this.
My friends tell me that I should just go out with this guy to see what happens but I am completely terrified that I don't like him and he likes me, or the other way around, or that I am too awkward in person...
I honestly don't know what to do...


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  • Don't let all the "what if's" come in your way, he asked you out genuinely and you blew him off because you were somewhat scared. That is ok but reschedule? You clearly are thinking a lot about him positive or uncertainity but he is in your thoughts and vice versa (why he asked you out).

    You don't need to be the king or queen of dating to have a fun evening socialising, you're quiet? He will appreciate that about you if he likes you, or he will try to bring out the "fun" in you and you will enjoy that

    If you guys don't spark off a chemistry, that's that. Not every piece fits together like a puzzle. Try, those who say they lack experience well: here is your shot at it!

    All the best and have a fun time ^^


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  • "I am completely terrified that I don't like him and he likes me, or the other way around, or that I am too awkward in person..." What if? So what? Do you think he is going to pull out a gun and shoot you? Really, what is the worst thing that will happen, being realistic? You are probably overthinking this thing and catastrophizing.

  • Life is about risk, rather try it and who knows, than doing nothing and expecting something.


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