Girls, Would you still hang out with a guy after rejecting him , if you class him as one of your closest, best friends who you confide in?

Just like some of you girls input, we dated for a little while but due to a few things nothing major or bad but it was enough to make us become best friends, i'm a best friend to her, someone who will listen, act so on so on and vice versa, i think she thinks its mostly her fault as she apologizes for how she treat me and such, but it wasn't really anything bad its kinda hard to explain, things were steady again and i had a very sensible conversation asking if she'd like to give things another try as we both had strong feelings, but every time we were out on dates as a couple, important things came up that couldn't be ignored once on my end twice on hers and etc etc, she has said a few times she wouldn't know what to do if i left her life, and she really does adore what i've done to help her and i never take the micky out of her and that i've gotten to know more than her looks such as personality, life style, everything really that she can trust me with so much, example been her depression and some mood swings that caused nothing major between us at least, once she was kicked out over an argument with her mother about marrying someone who she met on holiday, but i always cheered her up and calmed her down and talked her out of, well talking about suicide once and other such things, she was also bullied as a child for been " fat and nerdy " as she puts it which has shunted her self confidence and how she feels about her looks, personally i think she's beautiful and she knows this now, but still finds it a little weird but i'm getting her over it. she also likes seeing me.

Basically what i ask is, what are your opinions, would you ever consider dating someone like that again or seeing them as more than i guess like a brother? would you get annoyed at them if they had asked you again or how would you feel it would affect you having to reject them again? i can't think how to word it really as its my first time on here but she's jokingly said how do you not hate me yet :)


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  • I would hang out with him for sure, keep him close as a best friend. If I didn't have feelings I wouldn't lead him on, but if feelings developed over time I would certainly consider it. It's a confusing situation though having been there myself. All the best!

    • Thank you very much for your input, this is the tings there are feelings between us, like sometimes when she goes out and has a few drinks, like if some guy has tried dancing with her or something and she has declined him, she'll text me and tell me or once when she was slapped for helping her friend, that night i gave them a lift home and got em in because they were a bit drunk, but she'll say awwww come on dude i wanna see you or her best friend wants to see me, you can stop the creeps from getting us, joking etc etc, but she also has pretty strong feelings for her ex with whom flirted with her again but he never seems to mean it but she's caught on him i guess, its nice that you understand my point as i say it's kinda hard to put it into words, and if i did it'd be like a 9000 word essay :)

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