Will I be perceived by him that I only care about the date?

and nothing else? There is a guy I like that I met him 1 month and 15 days ago. Ever since we haven't seen face to face again since we met. We have lets say schedule to meet to go to the movies but for different reasons in the past weeks we haven't been able to do it, either because he cancel me once due to reasons out of his control or that I could not go out in a particular week, but still we have that date pending. The only contact we had had since we met had been through texting and even if he always answers to my texts and that is becaue I alway initiate the text conversation, he never initiates contact first with me.

Also I wnat to take things slowly with this guy cause we are adults and I dont want to come to him too strong or try to hard or act like a stalker or he sees me like a desesperate girl (as If I was a little girl or teeangers) who wants to talk to him every day just to askor say anything. There can be days and days that I do not even text him or contact him and since he never initiate texts to me he also does not send me texts either on its own.

Now our first scheduled date after 1 month is suppose to take place next week Saturday because we arranged that last week and I watn to confirm the status of the date next week like a reminder, probably on Friday nite, not days before cause he may forgot if I remind him too much ahead and to remind him many times during the week for him it can be annoying and for me it be a bit embarrassing to do it so so I prefer to re confirm one day before the date takes place.

Now will he perceive me like Ohh this chick only text me because it is only for her benefit and just care to hang out and that is why she texts me only to gain something out of it.

I mean like I said he never initiate contact with me im the one doing that, but perhaps he is like many men that he is not that expressive or talkative anyway or maybe Im ove
or maybe im over eacting to the whole possibel scenario and that won't even happen like that?


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  • I don't think those are his thoughts. You're definitely over-thinking things.
    Go with the flow.


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