Do guys stare/gaze into the eyes of someone they're not into?

A lot of people on here say it doesn't mean a guy likes you just because he stares at you. Let me explain.
You see a guy maybe you know a little or a lot it not at all. And you just happen to look his direction, maybe you see him staring at you. And he's about 10+ feet away maybe even across the room, for a long period of time, smiling at you. And this happens more than once, maybe you've caught him 3 times trying to gaze into your eyes.

Does he like her? What is he doing?


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  • i don't think so... i guess some connectuon is needed at least :-)


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  • He might have interest in you but you can never know for sure, I tend to stare at people all the time and stare at their eyes when they talk to me, and I'm not necessarily attracted to them

    • Do you stare into their eyes for a long time and smile at them from a long distance, and across the room?

    • Every chance you get?

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  • Of course he likes you. I don't know what all these other people are smoking. Guys stare at things that draw their attention. Yes maybe you have something on your face, but he's smiling.. And smiling means he wants to come up and talk to you. And if he's continuously looking at you then that's just obvious!

  • You're over-thinking the "stare" thing.

    • && how is that? If someone is staring at me every time I see them gazing into my eyes and they are weird if they don't have no intention

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    • You need more indications than staring and smiling.

    • Eh, people are different. I do agree If a guy isn't approaching its because he doesn't want to, but if he's trying to get your attention subtly there's some interest or he likes to play games with your head. M

  • If a guy doesn't think you're pretty you might as well not exist to him. He would look at you the same way you might stare absentmindedly at a blank wall. So it's safe to say this guy has interest in you


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