Is this love? Is it? Meant to be but fate has its hand on the course and we ant because he's 18 and I'm 15, and he could get in serious trouble anyways?

Basically yesterday my mom was like we are moving away, and I started crying and all I could think of is this guy, and I told her I'd live under a bridge if I have too, and can she not wait till I'm 18 (15) and she agreed to that, but I mean with my ex I didn't cry when she told me we were moving, but I did for this one? Because basically we are "Meant to be" but fate has its hand on the course and we ant because he's 18 and I'm 15, and he could get in serious trouble anyways?


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  • you are 15 , you can't know if you 2 are meant to be. maybe you cross a dosen other guys before you finally find the one and thats not even a garantuee. you 2 don't even sound like you are in a relationship.

    the piece that catched my eyes, he could get in serious troubles anyways

    why, because you are a minor. if its volunterarily there is no problem. i tell you my story. when i was 18/19 yo, i was playing football ( soccer ). a guy in my team had a girlfriend, and we chatted a lot and she said she thought i looked hot. anyway she had a sister, whow as 12/13 at the time. I was chatting to her as well but nothing serious. so one day i gave her a compliment. i told her, you will grow up to be a beautifull woman just like your sister. nothing meant by it. well wished i never said that. her sister showed up at work, called me a pedophile. at school i got herassed, i had tons of people that hated me without evne knowing me. I was the only one who knew i did nothing wrong to her. so during a fun fair, i crossed her sister with some of her friends and they yelled pedophile towards me. i left the funfare. we later rang their parents and told to stop it or we would take them to court. came by at our place we talked, her mom was accusing me of a lot of things. things i didn't do. so after a few weeks, i crossed her sister in a club. her sis came to me and appologized and told me her little sister told her i touched her and stuff and later admitted to lying. it deeply effected my social life.

    anyway the point is, if you like this guy and you are wel aware that he is 3 yos older then you, and things end badly, you never, never accuse someone of things like that. it doesn't have to be a problem if you dont turn it into one. girls always have a preferential treatment in courthouses. so be a honest open grl and there will be no problems ;)

    • Ya we are/// have agreed we can't date 1.) age
      2.) he's super busy with college stuff and he also has to take on responsibility and help out his mom and dad with his bros.

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  • No it's not love. You're at your butterfly stage where everything is perfect and you think y'all are in love. But there will be plenty more boys that come around.

    • I doubt that considering the fact I'm 15 and dated a guy for 5 years and we just broke up in January and I met this guy at a new church, I'm homeschooled and all, I do have a lot of guys that flirt with me and ask me out and I say no, I'm not interested because I like this guy, anyways what I'm saying is I'm not the typical teenager.

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    • Maybe. My last ex will be 19 in December we broke up for some reasons.

    • Alright problem solved

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  • You can't be in major trouble unless extremely sexual actions are involved.

    • I know, but people will assume things like that, and he's also really busy.

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  • I don't think that means it's love.

    • Ya Ik what ya mean, but still, I'll say I feel like I love him and stuff... Not only just the fact if not wanting to be separated

  • Lol ur too young and that's immature speaking. Don't put ur life on hold because of a guy, there will ways be more "admires" in the future. Being in love doesn't mean u sacrafising ur well being for a guy who I'm sure is not the one u going to marry


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