Should I just ask her out and see what happens?

Hi everyone.

i really like this girl in my school, she's in year below. I've liked her since 2012 but didn't tell anyone about it until I decided I can't keep it a secret anymore, so told someone I liked her. One of my friends then was "talking" to her but nothing happened. At that point I was just asking her how her gymnast competition went and she told that guy that I'm annoying her. So I apologised for that to which she replied the next day that she was in a bad mood and that I wasn't annoying. Moving on, so last night there was an awards evening at school, and I asked her for a picture, she said yes. So we had a picture together and it was the best but worst time of my life, I was so nervous that my heart was going mental inside and I just hoped she didn't feel it, something I was scared to ask but got forced by a friend to make a move on the image!! So the picture, I sent to my friend and he said that we suit each other, another person said the same, my cousin (girl) also said that.

Im in my last 2 weeks at high school now and I want ask her out but I'm too worried she'll say no or even laugh at me. She is a beautiful brunette with brown eyes while I'm a short brown haired lad with brown eyes. I sent her the picture together and thanked her for the picture and she replied "😷😷😷😷 I look so fat" and I replied "you look good" to which she replied "I look grim 😂" then I said "nah you look fine, did you have a good night?" And she saw the message this morning and didn't reply.

I I really have no idea what to do, what do you guys reckon? Shall I just invite her to the cinema or something and hope for the best? Please help.


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  • I dont have too much information to tell if she actually likes you. When she replied to your message with the picture it sounds like she might. Usually when a girl says something like "I look so fat" she is really subconsciously looking for attention (wether she knows it or not ^_^) It also shows thats she cares what you think. People usually only want attention from people they actually care about.
    Anyways I would possibly ask her out to a group hangout first. Maybe if you and some friends are going to the movies invite her. Look for more hints if she actually likes you then ask her out. You could even come back and let me know hows it going, i could tell you if she does or not with some more information!
    Hope this helps!

    • Hiya. Thanks for the reply. I think I'm ready to ask her on a date. I feel like I might get turned away but at least I'll find out. Next week I'll try

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  • Dude its spring. All the girls are wound up. Do it now or watch some fuckboi sweep her off her feet.

    • You're right. I have to be quick! Any tips when asking her out?

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    • I'll try not to. I was thinking "hey Amy' can I speak to you a second please?" Then "look, I think you already know that I really like you and I was just wondering if you'd like to go cinema this Friday?"

      What do you think?

    • Yeah that's fine. Don't make it award though.

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  • Aww give it a shot! Inviting her to the movies would be a good idea!

    • I've never had a girlfriend so I don't know how to ask her but I will have to try soon!! Can't wait too long!! Do you think she will say yes? Or even if she says no do you think she'll be polite about it rather than plain and rude?

    • I'm sure it will be fine! Good luck ^_^

    • Well hope so. Just need to do it and find out

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