Does he like me or her? Be honest? My crush slept with another girl.

We are all seniors in high school. My crush slept with another girl.
Why I think he likes me:
1) we text a lot and hang out (she doesn't even have his number)
2) he flirts with me. He doesn't flirt with her.
3) I hang out with him & his friends but I'm not a tomboy
4) he thinks I'm hot

why i think he likes her:
1) he slept with her
2) I've seen him checking her out at school and a few times during class
3) he told 2 of his friends he had sex with her
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Most Helpful Guy

  • He's playing the field, getting his dick wet at any opportunity he gets.
    And since you're not committed, he'll dip it if he gets the chance elsewhere.
    I'm guessing he really really likes pussy, and isn't too concerned about whats around it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hmm... well, I'm not a 100% sure if he does, but it's very possible. To me, it looks like he's using her as a booty call and is just horny for her, but he might consider you actual girlfriend material. Since he is not in a relationship with you he is free to have sex/make out/whatever with any girl he wants.

    My best friend, before getting with his girlfriend, had sex with a girl the day that he asked her out. He liked her, not the other girl, but since he was single I guess you could say it was his last hurrah. It doesn't mean that he likes you any less, though. I've talked to many of my other guy friends and they have said that it's "what guys do." Of course, not all guys do it, but some do.

    I'm surprised that most people voted that he liked her on the poll. There is still a chance that he might see you as just a friend, but I don't really believe that is the case. If it is, I will certainly be surprised. Since you know this information, though, I would keep it in the back of your mind. Don't be paranoid about it and obsess over it, but if it turns out that he DOES like her and not you, then you might not be as heartbroken or at least as surprised as you would be if you hadn't know this information.


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  • Well he did sleep with her...


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