Dating girl who then gets back with ex, now they've split and she's into me again!

Okay so a few months ago I was dating a girl, it was going really good I thought but then she suddenly stopped all contact and got back with her ex. This surprised me because she said he wasn't gonna get in the way and she didn't even like him anymore. so I was like 'eh?' Anyway about 3 weeks later her cousin asks me if I've spoke to her lately, I reply no and say not since she got back with her ex. That's when I'm told there not together anymore. So now I'm dating her again, and she's saying things lyk 'I'm really sorry I nearly ruined it with you etc!?!?!?!' So I'm taking it slow, she might do it to me again.

Just wanted to know what you guys thought about it all.


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  • be carefull.. girls are malupuative.. just watch out for any signs that she is going to leave you for him or any other guy.. like hanghing out with them a lot or talking about them alot... then if that happens ditch her before she ditches you...or leave her for your ex. then leave your ex and see if she's as forgiving or see how she felt.