Stop talking to a friend who doesn't want to date me right now?

She say that she can see us dating down the road, but not now. I think that's BS even though we've somewhat dated in the past


Most Helpful Girl

  • They aren't a friend to you if you want to date them lol

    • True. Well what do you think I should do? I value your opinion

    • Why wait for her if she's not even sure what she wants? She probably just wants the attention you give her but doesn't want to commit to a relationship. You should definitely look for someone else who likes you and wants to date you in the present!! Doesn't mean you have to stop talking to her completely though, eventually you'll probably just stop talking anyway

Most Helpful Guy

  • so... better stay friends with her basically... who knows wot will happen in the future? ;-)

    • Don't you run the risk of being completely friend-zoned though?

    • so wot? better friends than nothing in my opinion... ^_^

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What Girls Said 1

  • just stop talking, find a better person. Don't CHASE girl, remember NEVER. You'll just boost their EGO ;) - Be smart


What Guys Said 2

  • Just move on, if she changes her mind, let her chase you..
    Funny thing is they normally do once you find someone else, and by then it's too late...
    But don't wait around for her

  • stay friends with her if you can and look for someone else. Plenty of other fish in the sea man


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