Ex thinks everything I do is because of him. Why is he being like this?

My ex boyfriend dumped me one month ago because I didn't agree with one of his views. Yes, he's that messed up and is stubborn and always wants to be right. I've stopped talking to him because of it and haven't reached to him at all.

Anyway 2 weeks ago or so he changed his WhatsApp display picture. I then decided to change my display picture last night because I was tired of my old picture. Anyway after I changed my photo, my ex not only deleted his photo but confronted me on why I changed my photo, saying that I was trying to get his attention and that I kept copying him.

I don't know how I'm copying him or how this is getting his attention. He changed his 2 weeks ago and it's got nothing to do with him. Why is he being like this?


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  • Lol just ignore him. Sounds like you're better off without him.


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  • Who cares honestly don't think about it forget about it he sounds like he is poison


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  • He's just a weird and whiny bitch.


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