Guys! Why do some of you pull away when you realize you have feelings for a girl?

  • scared of being hurt
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  • lost interest
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  • don't care about her
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  • Want to be friends
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  • I've only done this once, and it was because I had never felt so strongly for someone and had them feel the same way for me. I knew that if I tried to take it further, my social anxiety and other problems of mine would make her hate me and then leave... So I just stopped talking.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love how all votes went to answers 😂😂

    • I know right

    • I never vote! And I especially never rate women with a number. That number hardly explains much.

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  • Because there's nothing worse than knowing you're going to make a poor investment based on your heartstrings.

  • I never have, never will! I fall in love at first sight, and remain there forever.

    • You're old you still believe in that stuff

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    • Whoa, now! Never did I insult your upbringing? I was asking a serious question, making no assumptions. I asked what could have made you so cynical? It could have been a parent, but it could have been a boyfriend, or even this website. I am very sorry that you took it way. It was not my intention. However, are you saying that what I have experienced in my life are "fairy tales"? Because it's all been very real for me? And, there is no reason it couldn't be for you. But, not with that, "I'm so tough. No one can get to the real me, or my emotions, it's not worth getting hurt" attitude! Making a commitment to somebody special does not necessitate hurt and pain. I can tell that you already live with terrible hurt inside. And you don't have to share why. But, if you met the right person, he could help you with that. You deserve to be loved probably so much more than you ever believe you do yourself. And I really do hope you find it. I wish you the very best...

    • Somehow it turned all my exclamation points into question marks.

  • Scared of commitment


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