I like a girl but she may like someone else. How do I tell her I like her?

First off im in 8th grade and i have no experience at all with girls. I want to tell her before school gets out. but I've heard her say something about this other guy named "..." once or twice and one of her friends saying awww. but one time i walked in homeroom and our click was talking and i said what are we talking about she said my lovelife and the i said who do you like but she wouldn't tell me even though she told all of the other guys in our group. should i tell her i like her or just wait until she gets over the other guy.(if there is another guy) how do i find out if there is another guy without letting her know i like her. she may already know because everytime she says something about a guy i dont know i freeze up and and say whos that. we may be going to a scary movie if i do tell her is that a good place as opposed to school?


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