Don't you just hate it when women who don't know how getting rejected a lot feels like, tell guys''Get over it, move on'' or something like that?

Many, many women do this. I don't get upset at the ones who say it, who knows how getting rejected A LOT feels like, I get upset at the ones who don't know how getting rejected a lot feels like and yet tell guys like nothing''Get over it,'' or ''it is no big deal when a woman rejects you.''
I only go after below average looking women (women in my league)
Most women don't know it feels like.


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  • So go after women who aren't way out of you're league, get over it means have a reality check. Yes some women think they are much hotter than they actually are not sure what you do with that.

    • Um I don't go after women out of my league. I only go after women in my league which is below average looking women. A lot of times actually when women say get over it they ACTUALLY think it is no big deal getting rejected when they haven't got rejected a lot themselves.

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    • A lot of guys don't realize what? They they are going after women way out of their league?

    • The difference is, I have found, that, women have the capacity to shut their emotions off completely and not feel anything. Even after having sex...

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  • One of my male coworkers rejected relationship offers from two female coworkers who are generally considered "hot" (one of whom has a bitchy personality and is an admitted racist). He later told us that he did so because he knew that no one would tell them no, so they needed to be knocked down a peg or two.

    That made my year.

    • That doesn't make sense/

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    • I am glad he rejected them man. I hate those type of women. Is this guy good looking?

    • He's not a supermodel or anything... skinny, curly hair, and glasses. Different women like different looks.

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  • It doesn't matter how many times one gets rejected bc it never makes anyone happy when they get rejected.

    • Yes but it especially affects people more when they rejected nonstop@Luv2BRealExotic13

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    • @Luv2BRealExotic13 because it comes off that you are bragging about yourself about being exotic by choosing that as a username.

    • That totally wasn't the story behind it's creation but ok. See I think you'd reject me bc you think I'm arrogant. It isn't always about looks but even pretty people get rejected from others bc of mis-interpretations. So the point still being everyone gets rejected and you not to feel so bad about it.

  • I guess so.


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  • Yes, I am still in love with a woman 12 years later. I miss her every day. And dream of her every night.

    • @sobg71124 sorry about that.

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    • @sobg71124 but I think you need to move on man. It has been 12 years, I am sure you can find another woman. I feel you, but man come on.

    • I have had other women since and have been in love several times. I am never *really* gotten over any of them. I think about each one all the time with great longing and nostalgia. They are a huge part of me. However, this one girl, "Noel," she still haunts me like no one else. She appears in my dreams, and we are together still. Many things remind me of her. Even other photographs. It's not something I can help or do anything about. I had a better relationship with her than with anyone else. When I love someone, I love them forever, and that's just the way I am.

  • Yeah, there are a lot of double standards out there. This is one of the particularly annoying ones.

  • Yes its stupid

  • Men are the risk takers in society. That's why it's insulting that women want equality. Why should they have it? WTF do they do to earn it? Nothing. They just nag. Trash, the whole lot.

    Don't get upset if a girl turns you down. Pity her. At least you were born a man, she wasn't.

    • you do know having you're value based on looks is worse right? yes being a woman is worse. You men can't have it all.

    • Rejection is a non-issue to me. Any particular girl, no matter how beautiful, is completely and totally replaceable to me. If she isn't interested, too bad for her.

      @lonelylillie13 if that's all she has to offer, than that's what she should be evaluated on. It's a rare woman who is more valuable than just her body.

    • @LonelyLillie13 guy's value is based on looks too.

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