Should I man up and go after her? I don't see myself with another girl and would really like to at least hangout with her and have fun but I don't know if she would be open to that

Hey guys i am a 19 years old guy in good shape, tall, really fun and smart and according to some people good looking as well, i work in a farm in a small town we plant, take care of the cows and help keep the place nice and clean since there's playground for kids and a couple small resturants and a hotdog stand and a lot of people visit on daily basis , there are are lot of workers maybe as much as 60 of which 10-15 are girls some pretty , some not so pretty or even nice i am friends with everyone and girls on particular dont seem to have a problem with me in fact they would find excuses to talk to me or touch me and are thrilled when i approach them... there is this girl real pretty and nice i mean super nice to everyone and she is really a good and fun person she never had a boyfriend nor done anything and i like her , she seems really into me since she acts like it , she is nice to literally everyone but no matter who she talks to if i have something to offer or say she will leave everyone else and come to me , we do talk sometimes and joke a lot and she really likes when i touch her and never complained , i offered to give her something (a gift ) once , it was a holiday or something not sure and she smiled at me and said " you is enough i want you " in a joking matter with a lot of laughing... i just couldnt help but notice all these signs but the place where i work is super strict if they ever find out or she tells anyone that i tried dating her things won't end up well , i dont see myself with another girl and would really like to at least hangout with her and have fun but I don't know if she would be open to that , iam going to try and see what happens do you have any advice or suggestions?


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  • 1) It's not the man's "job" to go after a woman that he likes. It's expected, but don't feel as if you're compelled to do this.

    2) I don't see why you wouldn't go after this girl if you like her. I truly wish that I could be a man for a day so I can show you guys how to approach a woman.

    • my problem is not approaching her i've already done that i am not sure if she would be open to dating me or anyone for that matter since the place we work at is strict as hell and we can both be fired for doing this , i think what i can do is ask her in a more subtle way and not make it seem like a date and when we do go somewhere ( if she ever agrees ) i can dicuss a realtionship with her

    • Seems simple enough. Ask her for lunch to discuss some work. Discuss a bit of work and then tell her you're interested.

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  • First of all bro, based on your description of yourself, I'm assuming you're superman. Grays on that.
    On a serious note. Do it. Once upon a time I broke a girls heart because I was afraid of some consequences, the consequence of my silence was a ruined friendship. It's something I lament over to this day.
    If you really feel this strongly about her, go for it. You don't see yourself with anyone else and she seems great, it'll break you apart seeing her with someone else if you wait too long.
    Ask her bluntly if she'd like to go get a meal with you, something casual, where if word gets out it can look like a friendly. Hangout. That's where you gab it up measure things and decide how you go about the next move.
    Good luck Kal-El

    • thanks man i will go and do that i will see if she's up for a friendly hangout with a friend and go from there , i did have a girl before her who i really liked and we did go places together but she turned out to be a manipulative bitch who claimed to care and act nice

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    • hahahha yeah man tell me about it , hey if it comforts you i confronter her and told her exactly what she did wrong and how she dispespected and my efforts to be close to her and how much of a bad and ungratful person she really is , she tried explaining herself and blaming me for some shit i didn't do , and i had just the right answers for her empty claims , i even went as far as insulting her in her face and telling how shitty her guy is and how much of a dick he is i shocked her to the point that she started asking me for advice , she wouldn't lock eyes with me or even want to continue arguing she tried to change the subject and i was like nahhhh bitch i am not done yet , now i am aiming to fuck her life up and then we will be even.

    • THAT girl for me is doing a dandy job of messing up her own life lol. I honestly wish her the best, but I sure as hell won't ever put in effort towards that train wreck again lol

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  • I would talk to her about it, it sounds like she likes you, and see if it's a risk she is willing to take along with you.

  • Yesssss you should. Good luck :)


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