How long should you wait to tell your child you are dating someone?

How long would you wait to tell your 15 year old that you have decided to start seeing someone? I have been with my boyfriend now for 2 years however he still hasn't told his son that he is dating me even thou he split up with his ex over 3 years ago.
why wouldn't my boyfriend tell his son about me? His best friends know we are dating and so does his brother but not his son or his ex. We have even spoken about having a child of our own but I want his son to know that I am around before considering making such a huge commitment such as having a child together.
how long is a reasonable time to wait for my boyfriend to let his son know we are dating


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  • Sounds extremely suspicious to me. If I'm with someone I really like, and we're really serious, I want my loved ones to know/like them too. I definitely wouldn't conceal them. That's terrible, and I wouldn't put up with it.


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  • TWO YEARS? I am totally a firm believer that one should never introduce their children to someone they are dating for less than six months or until things are serious enough to where you know and they know you are in it for the long haul, but two years is really suspicious to me especially since he's told all his friends and things about you so he's not exactly trying to hide you or pretend you don't exist around them. It's time to get real, or rather it was time to get real with your boyfriend and let him know if he doesn't get it already that you are serious and since his son is clearly a part of his life, you want him to be a part of yours too. I personally wouldn't want to have a child with someone who can't even introduce me to the child he already has. I don't so much mind the ex not knowing, that's whatever, and she's not my ex, but I think max before you introduce a fifteen year old... not even a young child who is probably more fragile, but a 15 year old, I'd say a year.


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  • Generally speaking, I think it's appropriate to wait until you're fairly serious before introducing your children to a new partner (especially when the children are young).

    But 2 years, and especially if his son is 15, seems like too long, in my opinion. I'd think that 6 months to 1 year would be more appropriate. To be honest, it would probably be a little suspicious to me if I were in that situation (like, I'd be wondering if he really is divorced).

  • I would think 2 years is way too long. I think 6 months would be a good time. It shows that you two are committed.

    • Agree with you. There is nothing suspicious about this?

    • I would think so. I'd definitely ask. His son may not want his father to have anyone else or maybe there's a legal reason. But SOMETHING is going on.

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