I'm desperate, I want someone. Why am I alone and unloved?

I am alone.
People don't give a crap about me, I never achieve what I want socialy. I feel abandoned!
I live now in Canada but even in my previous country I was the line wolf and I don't get it! Yes I'm a little shy but not to that level that I won't talk to people, some say I'm funny and nice and shit like that but so they mean it? Because the nice and funny guy at the end of the day will be the lonliest. I'm not thinking about suicide because its against my ideas. But i suffer from loneliness! I try to start with a girl and I don't see interest at all!!! But when I hear from others about their accomplishments I hear that girls run after them but whyyy? Why no one is running after me? Why I'm always left behind in everything? Sometimes I feel that I want to disappear, I want something to happen to me and everyone will forget about me cus no one will care what happened to me, or live in isolation obut full isolation. Why do people don't care about me? I feel that the only thing I live for is sports and that's all cus no one other cares about me or what I'm doing! The only place I feel the best but I can't so it 24/7! I see others I want others to see me but they don't!
Please help...
I'm alone, maybe I'm insane maybe I'm mad? And people just don't tell me cus no one talks about it?
I want people to notice me, to see me and to be interested in me as they are in each other. Am I not interesting? Am I just a piece of crap that has to be thrown in the garbage?


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  • Me too but i dont feel like you

    • How? Women can get sex/relationship instantly.

    • Loneliness is sometimes nice. accept yourself as you are. You're more important than everyone and everything.
      Life is short :) Do you have family? Are you healthy? Others dont matter.

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  • Step 1. Look into the mirror and tell yourself "You are perfect the way you are".
    Step 2. Realize that even some of the biggest players (Snoop Dogg, BIG, PACMAN, and Pitbull) were womenless.
    Step 3. Try to socialize with your school activities or city events. Be very nice and try not to look desperate because you're not desperate.
    Step 4. Even though its good to have people care about you always remember to care about yourself but not to the point where you become full of yourself, always try to place others before yourself.. thats how close friendship is made
    Step 5. When you're old enough, attend a rave and talk to people.
    Step 6. Report back to me

    • I'm not a rave guy
      I always put others before me, that's why I'm the kind and nice person, but they just use my help and leave me be
      I try to socialize but it never moves on, I try to chat and online chat but no one cares! Its always me who keeps talking and if I'll stop they won't continue cus they don't give a damn
      And its not so much about woman, it's about everyone around me! Yes I want a girl but I don't feel that I have friends or anyone else around me

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  • I was in your shoes as well I can tell you right now you're not ready to be in a relationship you need to first learn how to love yourself before you're capable of caring for another person

    • I love myself! I think I'm great! I just don't understend why others don't ignore it! I always see other people get more love and attention while I get thrown aside but why? I'm not so shy as them, I'm a better athlete, I'm funny, I can be interesting! Why others get it but keep me invisible!

  • This is not a noticing site.. 😐

  • you're just a young nobody.

  • I feel the same way


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