Mixed feelings, what does he mean? I got a reply back I know darling but I can't help myself, my feelings are so mixed and not clear right now...

I asked this guy how He felt about me, because he was sending me mixed messages, he is long distance from me, he asked me to come and see him, and I said I would only come and see him, If he would express more of how he felt, he sent me a message back, I do not know i'm not good at expressing my feelings I get blocked. I sent him another message do you have strong feelings for me, again he replied not strong and you, I told him of my feelings being strong for him. He has trust issues, and is very insecure. I sent him another I am being honest with you, about my feelings, and there strong, that's why I wanted to know how you felt, and wanted to make sure you felt the same, as I was feeling.
I got a reply back I know darling but I can't help myself, my feelings are so mixed and not clear right now...

What does he mean He can't help himself, and in regard to feelings what does he mean

Can anyone help me on this please and give me your opinions


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  • The fact that its long distances, i leave him alone. Find someone closer much more convenient for a relationship. But it sounds to me as if he doesn't like you as much as you like him. You may want more than he does, like a commitment. So in closing, most guys that say they have mixed feelings is usually running away from any talk of commitment. He wants to fuck, but most likely doesn't want a relationship.


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  • He's confused and probably really doesn't know how he feels. He might really like you but not be ready to start anything. He might like a few women and doesn't know what to do. Maybe he just needs time. Do you know his relationship history?


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  • This guy is full of it. Don't waste your caring, love, or time. You will never get from him what you're hoping for. He is a game player, at best. And that's being kind.


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