Why does he blank me for no reason if we were good friends?

I got talking to this really nice person and he started flirting with me and got kinda close. (I like to think we were good friends). Then he suddenly just blanked me without no reason. I keep asking why he did it but he doesn't reply/if I ask him something, he'll only reply to other question.
So why do guys just randomly black you over text without no reason?


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  • how do you know there isn't a reason?

    • I don't know and I keep asking that but yet he still ignores me.

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    • i'm not too sure. I asked him a couple of times "what have I done" and he just blanked me however when i said "good luck" to his exams, he just replied with "thank you" dismissing the fact he ignored me.
      The thing is though we were having a good time and then suddenly out of nowhere he blanked me. I'm so confused.
      What would make you blank a girl?

    • maybe if she says something repetitive? something over and over again that will bother me? in your case, you asked him what u have done. maybe u did do something and he isn't replying to it because he is mad it's not so obvious to you? just guessing here

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