Is my boyfriend lying?

He has an Android. I have an iPhone.

We have been sending each other maybe hundreds of texts since he got his Android in October 2014.

The point is, we have sent each other many many many texts, I've even sent him long texts when I was in school and the signal sucked, and he got all of my texts. All of them.

99.9% of the time he gets my texts.

Only one time before, he did not get one text. Just once.

He does not get my pictures sometimes. That, I can believe.

Yesterday, I sent him a very simple short text where the signal was good. I asked him if he was going to see me. Several hours pass by. No response.

He said he never got it.

Could this be true


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  • is this the first time you asked of him to see you?

    • No. Usually he comes sees me on Friday . I was not sure what was happening yesterday so I sent him a simple short text and asked if he was coming. He always says he wants to marry me and stuff like that.

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    • He tends to switch his stories

    • what do you mean?

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  • Well, people lies. He MAYBE got that text but forgot to reply it up until you bring that up. He MAYBE 'panicked' or something that he told you that he didn't get it instead of telling you that he forgot to reply it. Haha just some drama that possibly happened

    Maybe, you once ever got so angry to him for forgetting to reply your text. this time he tried to hide it.


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  • It has nothing to do with android or icrap
    this is a network issue contact your operator


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