New to the dating world, what is he thinking? He took his pics down off of the dating website where we met. I took a peek today and they are still down.

Went on a date with a man and we hit it off great. Told me he was. H interested. We planned a tentative second meeting... didn't get back to me, so I just sent a simple text asking if we were still on.. no response till the day after.. Said he had to work.. I did say a simple text telling me that would have been nice.. a week later we went out to eat and for drinks on A Tuesday.. at the end of the date he said he had a reAlly good time and I said the same.. he asked me to the movies on Thursday.. I said yes.. on Weds. I sent a text asking when and where because I had to set up a sitter for my youngest... completely ignore me.. well this upset me so I did text and tell him I felt he is inconsiderate... Still no text back... we are still friends on Facebook. Did not want to unfriend him because that seems immature. Kind of thought he would since I sent the inconsiderAte text to him, but he hasn't.. also he took his pics down off of the dating website where we met. I took a peek today and they are still down.. I am confused as to the way he is thinking.. pretty new to the dating world so I in need of some insight. Thanks!


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  • Don't waste your precious time with this type. He is selfish and inconsiderate. End of attraction, unless you are a masochist, bent on banging your head against his wall.

    • That's what I am thinking.. just moving on

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    • Yes, exactly. You've got it right. As much as it pains me to say it, it would be time wasted. That's clear. His true colors are clear to see. And it's truly his loss, as you seem like a wonderful woman. You do deserve better, and nothing less than to be cherished, adored, and loved deeply.

    • Yep.. sad but true.. I will get over it

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  • Probably dating multiple women from internet sites, and doesn't feel the need to be polite, since he has a lot of options. Guessing the guy is well off financially, right?

    • Said he only sees one person at a time.. guess it may not be true... we has a business he owns.. thinking I should move on

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    • The. He should not have told me he was extremely interested and hoped it would turn into a relationship soon. Also mentioned he wanted me to meet his family.. thinking single is the better way to go.. no trustworthy men out there

    • Also he had said that he didn't get many responses ion the sight because women seem to just go for looks rather then personality. He isn't the greatest looking but I do love his personality.. well except what he is doin now with ignoring

  • I'd say he was married and got caught.


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