Does my guy friend like me?

I personally never thought that he did, but all my friends do.

Reasons i i never thought he was interested:

-he he never tried to make plans with me after school or hang out alone or after school.
-HES never asked me out and we've known each other for three years
-he's talked about a girl who wanted to hook up with him with me.
-he never (like never ever) texts me first. If I text him he'll usually reply, unless I start talking about emotional stuff.
-he didn't ask me to prom even as friends, knowing I didn't have a prom date. If he was truly interested, wouldn't he have seen that as an opportunity

Reasons my friends think he's interested (and they're starting to make sense to me but I'm still confused because of above reasons)

- he's really really caring to me, and he's the type to ignore anyone he doesn't care for. For example: one time we were eating in class, and there was only one cookie left on the plate, and he asked me if I wanted it, and when I said yes, he took it and put it on my plate. Another example, is whenever we do a writing assignment in class, he takes out paper and gives me a piece without me even asking.
- when I told him I was interested in his friend, I asked him what he thought. His reply was "you can be interested in whoever you want."
- one day in class, my friend asked another guy if he liked me, and my friend immediately turned his head and listened to their convo, when he previously wasn't paying attention before.

All my friends claim im missing something, but what?
One time we had a discussion about good looking girls, and I kept naming girls who I thought were pretty and he'd agree, but after a few girls he got uncomfortable and left me for a group of guys.


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  • well yeah he's probably attracted to you in some way


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