Who here is a relationship virgin (not including virgin virgins)?

So who here has had everything (hookups, dates, flings, fwbs) but no real relationship?

I fall all into this category and am curious about who else is in this situation?


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  • ME, I never had a 'boyfriend' :)

    • You're a little young though. Not belittling your situation but at my age it's kinda expected.

    • I had 'things' with guys but nothing serious tbh :)

    • Same here but with women

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  • me basically... although i'm not planning starting a relationship atm basically

    • Gotcha, my younger brother is in the same situation as me but he's your age and he said I'm not just gonna be in a relationship because it's expected of me. I agree with him but for me it's like the ones I wanted to be in a relationship with don't want to and vice versa. A lot of times when I date women, well hit it off right away and hen they'll flake or disappear out of nowhere.

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