Concerts vs clubs for meeting girls? (18-24ish)?

I've never been to a club honestly, but I hear all the time that unless you have a really attractive face and good body, then pulling at a club is extremely difficult. Concerts for me aren't too bad, usually i try and chat up a girl standing by herself and just make a comment about whatever.

I wanted to ask GAG their opinion and experiences tho.

And ladies, how do you feel about guys approaching you at a concert? I noticed the majority of girls go in a group, or with a guy, which is kind of discouraging. any advice on that too?
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  • I think clubs are the easiest places, as there are desperate guys there's also desperate broke girls that'd do anything for a free drink, believe me I've seen it tons of times, and some of the girls were actually very attractive, plus alcohol makes everyone look much better, and when I go to a concert I don't really like being approached by guys since I normally go with friends or family so I just wanna enjoy the music and be left alone with them


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  • Sorry, at a concert, I'm there for the music. I paid money to see people perform. To mosh and indulge. Not to flirt with randoms.


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  • I think a club or a bar would be better. If a club isn't a place you want to go try a laid back bar, it's smaller not as loud. I rarely go to clubs most of the time I go to bars. I suggest find a local small bar, try to go with a friend and just see if you like it.

  • Actually, there's lots of alcohol in clubs, so even if you're ugly you still have a better chance than at a concert!


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