How can I possibly build some attraction between me and this girl?

So I think this girl is cute. I see her around the gym as she works there. We used to just say hi when we would see each other but now we have more conversations. She has become more outgoing as of late. One specific story is she saw me at the pool and told me to share her lane with her so she could show me up. Now she is a friendly person so I don't know what to think. She has been on my mind lately. I think I'd like to test the waters a bit so as to not make things awkward. Are subtle ways to do this. Any tips? Do you think there is a slight chance she might be interested?


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  • I think you should simply ask her out to lunch/dinner. She seems interested in you.


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  • if she WORKS there better avoid dude... wot if she reports u 2 da gym's owner?

    • I know her well enough to say she won't. Plus I wouldn't be stalking her at most just asking her out. I just asked how I could build attraxtion.

    • guess askin her out 4 a coffee maybe?