Who has it worse in the dating world in north america? black women or Asian men? if you dont know, dont comment like discrimination dont exist?

the ones whos being around know race is a power structure of acceptance and physical attraction


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  • I personally think black women have it hard.
    But I do acknowledge that Asian men have it hard.

    I just say black women have it harder because I have experience with Asian men trying to date me.
    Like East & South and let me tell you it's no picnic. And I learned that their culture is very discriminating against Blacks. Marrying even dating one is frowned upon and some may even get disowned for it.

    So the way I think of it is, how can these group of Asian men have it harder than me dating wise. If they still have some ability/ societal belief to look at me as beneath them.

    Just my take from my own experience.


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  • BS,... as long as they r confident bout themselves they have it easy as fuck in my opinion... seen TONS of photos with Asian guys being drown in chicks and black chicks being drown in dudes... so...


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  • I would think Asian men. While there are many "barriers/thoughts" that make black women unattractive to a lot of people, I do think that Asian men do have it just a bit harder, especially if they're not attractive.

  • What do you mean by Asian men? Because thanks to yellow fever, East Asian guys are highly desired.

    But if you mean South Asian guys (Indians, Pakis, etc) then yeah they're at the bottom of the food chain hahahahah poor them.

    • this is true

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    • Shows how much you know about dating. It's difficult for women AND men. Anyways, stop commenting. I made it clear that I was done with you.

    • You expect me to end the conversation with you saying you're right and I'm wrong? Sorry but that's not how self respecting people quit talking to others. Just because someone else says so after telling them how wrong they are. Like I said, there isn't any girl in the world that would go 15-20 years without ever finding a guy interested in them unless they are completely sheltered and not even try little to attract attention. While there are many men like me who go through this. Sure, women also face difficulty in dating but their difficulty doesn't even compare to the difficulty of men dating. Women are much more shallow than us. While men usually just care for looks and sometimes personality, women care for looks, personality in some cases, height (above 5'10 or 6 foot unless white), wealth, race (whites or sometimes black), skin color (lighter the better unless black), etc. Only reason why many women face difficulty in dating is because they can't find men who fit in this criteria.

  • Ohhhh black girls for sho


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  • If a sun bunny looks like nicki minaj, she got it working, But some sun bunnys may struggle as white men are hard to please...

  • Ummm, Asian blokes I guess?

    • i use to think so, but numbers do not point that way. for example, a third of Asian men are married to caucasian women in america. mind you, Asians doenst just mean orientals. when people get serious, livability and stability rules and Asian men often provide it. i m still nto sure though

  • I think you do..


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