Is he still wanting me?

hey, so i went on a few dates, now my ex is asking what i did, how was it, and who it was with, is he still wanting me deep down. after telling him its awkward talking about it as friends he thought i was defensive, but truth is its none of his worry. He then went on about our break up, how i was not compassionate for his cat passing. i did offer to make a memorial picture frame for her but he said no, i was the one who bought him a care package, showed up to hold him, played his games with him. but i had my own break down when he was hurting, i had so many issues at once some were extremely worry some family was in and out of hospital, i wanted to show him he was not the only one with hurt and heart ache so he was not alone,. i even cleaned the house for him so he can relax its one less thing to worry about. i watched over his kid, so he could rest. is that compassion right there? all i asked was for him to visit me back at home once a week and to give me a little bit of notice before coming or for me to visit him as i have school, and group meets. am i asking to much. am i compassionate or is he just using that against me to attack, is this him showing he's hurting deep down and not wanting it to surface cause he wants me back and is ashamed.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Compassion for the cat is the reason he broke up with you? I mean, I'm a cat person too, but it was only a cat..

    He doesn't seem to care about YOUR much more serious personal issues... I'd say, let it go, stay apart. The next time you break up, it could be worse.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's pegging you for information, so I'm thinking he's a bit jelly. You are compassionate but I think--based off of what you're saying--is that he doesn't take into account what you do and is trying to make you feel guilty.


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