Have you ever met a man who you thought was wonderful, brilliant, unreal, stupendous just because?

I wonder what it is about men that makes them so amazing

Have you ever met a man who you thought was wonderful, brilliant, unreal, stupendous just because? Please tell me about him.


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  • That's easily my grandfather. The guy is a almost 80 year old cowboy. He feeds his cows and horse on over 200 acres of land. He kills dangerous snakes with sticks, and lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere. In winter he cuts down trees , and uses them for fire wood for his stove. He built own his house and raised about 8 kids. He a reverend of his church that he helped build back in racist times when people would sell a "nigga" lumber materials. He had to go two states over to buy lumber to build the church. His old job was a construction worker is which he broke his toe and never went to the doctor. He used to be so strong that he could pick up car engines and load them into trailers. And his parents lived through the great depression. He got his wife (my grandma) by walking up to her in a bar and saying, "I need a woman I can raise a family with". She simply agreed , and marred him.

    • Thanks. Wow, what a story. I hope you write it down in more detail one day.
      He sounds like the kinda man I am talking about. A man that knows who he is and isn't afraid to show it or be it. The Long Ranger, I agree with you, your Grandfather is Officially Amazing.

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  • There are plenty of guys who are amazing and all the qualities you listed. What makes them amazing? Not sure exactly what you're asking, as in how do they become amazing? or what's something that they share that allows them to be amazing?

    • Thanks. I don't mind how you interpret the question really. It's up to you what you think or know makes them amazing. For e. g, it's because they are kind to the homeless, they've consistently been an A-grade student, they dye their hair the colours of the rainbow and don't give a feck. Whatever you think really AshleyMD.

    • I think they're all just good people, the amazing guys, they have whatever makes people care for others and don't care if people don't know.

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  • I think @YourFutureEX and @mistninja314 are both funny enjoyable guys.

  • personally i don't consider myself amazing... i'm just as much human as u basically... ^_^

    • Thanks, but I think you're pretty amazing. I mean, basically, like, basically, all those points you get, basically ;)

  • I can't say I have, but I hope my other half thinks I am lol

    • Thanks. That's a shame and I am sure you other half knows you are :)

    • Thanks! A lot of men in my life were not exactly good role models. Most were alcoholics. So I hope my kids think I'm an awesome dad one day 😀

      By the way, thank you. That's very nice of you to say

  • why do girls have to wait to be 45 to feel the way you do

    • Now I wish I really were 45 to be able to answer that !

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    • i mean like someone who has actually said it unrelated to the conversation here

    • i can find you thousands of posts in minutes saying how "utterly divine and perfect", "insanely gorgeous", "amazing and beautiful" a woman she is. and it could just be a chubby girl picking her nose.

  • I appreciate women more)

  • You're just way too kind <3


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  • Hmm, yes, and I'm dating him ^_^ He has experienced so many things that I could just listen to him for hours, and he carries himself with such grace without even trying. He's always in my thoughts.

    • Thanks. That's wonderful. How amazing it must be to be in love with a man who has the strength to endure and still come up smiling.

    • My goodness, it is ^_^ I feel like he's helping me grow too. He's only two years older than I am but he's been through a lot more and I've learned so much from him. His smile is contagious too.

  • Yeah, they're some out there that's amazing.


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