What's on their mind? Why guys that already has a girlfriend somehow still seeing other girls?

Why guys that already has a girlfriend somehow still seeing other girls? But Lets say thier girlfriend is the one and they're just care and love her but still seeing others b*tch. I just wondering what's exactly on their mind? Are they really just love only their girlfriend? Please someone explain this please...


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  • My boyfriend hangs with a lot of girls, just as he hangs with guys. Purely friendly, I have guy friends too. Its a very relaxed situation and im happy to have some more girl friends through him.

    • I understand that everything has its reasons. But Is it possible? Have some more girl Friends through ur bf?

    • Yes it is! Im kind of shy so its def a plus. They are girls i knew already but his relationship with them made us closer.

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  • It's not something I can remotely relate with. If I have a girlfriend, she is everything. Naturally, I look at other girls, but it all ends there. I would be careful about calling them on the telephone or seeing them in person, etc. And would never divulge anything personal about myself, about my girlfriend or our relationship. No, he doesn't love his girlfriend. He is using her! And if she doesn't see or acknowledge this, well, she is extremely naive.

  • they are probably just finding the other girl's more attractive. stupid... i know but thats how it is sadly

    • If so, why don't they just choose that attractive one? Why playing two faces?

    • there will always be someone that's more attractive. some guys just can't settle with what they have

  • You mean when a guy tries to have friends?


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