This girl loved me quick !!! we met like last week and talked almost everyday? don't these usually fail?

Why did this girl love/like me soo quick? isn't that too fast to like / love someone? i like her too but I don't know how to keep her likeing me if she likes me that quick


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  • She's just interested, probably thinks you're hot as hell and nice too and is very excited to get to know you better. Take it as a compliment!

    • she did say hot and cute... but this is the 10th time maybe more... where it happend and it only lasted 1-2 months... but how do i not lose this one? cuz i think she's the one who i wanna be with the rest of my life

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    • Sounds like a keeper ;)

    • ikr... and i dont wanna lose her... her eyes got me turned on a lot !!! idc about body or that other stuff... her eyes omg...

  • Tell her to slow down. Why is she moving so quick? Liking is one thing, but love?

  • That's not love then.

  • I'd like someone within a week. Not love

    • maybe i think its love bc she's showing a lot of emotions

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