Girls, do single mom's in online dating scenarios expect guys to father their children?

This might be a bizarre question, but I live near a military base where the number of 20-something single females is quite low. I'd still like to date, so I kind of have to branch out and maybe even "settle" for girls with baggage. My goal is casual dating to get to know myself and my preferences a little better. I've noticed a few girls mid-20's with children who have steady jobs who I'd kind of like to meet, but I'm not sure if they're expecting something super serious off the get-go. I'm not afraid of them having kids, but I'm also not exactly ready to be a father yet either. Worth pursuing?


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  • I'm older than your target opinions, but heck no.

    My child is my responsibility. She has a father. I take care of her in every way and don't expect anyone else to do it.

    In fact, she doesn't even know I date. I have been seeing someone for four months and he has never met her.

    The only down side for you will be that the girl may not be available all the time. Actually for me and my guy, the time apart is perfect for our relationship.

    • Thanks for the opinion! I'll have to admit I was looking in a bit of a different age range though. The women I'm interested in typically have kids that are between 1 and 5 so it might be a bit different from someone your age who has more independent children. No disrespect; I just made a big assumption there though so I could be completely off haha

    • My daughter is 10. :)

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