What are dating guidelines you're gender is told NOT to do, instead WAIT for the other gender , that you find particularly annoying or oppressive ?

I'm asking ALL genders :-)

You don't have to participate In the behavior in question to answer this question. You just have to know about it and not like it.

I'm intersted to see if there are large differences in things sexes don't like or, if there are overlaps. And I'd just like your opinions :)


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  • I don't like how dating has essentially become a game. It bothers me to no end because it feels like we're all just lying to each other.

    • I agree... How would you like it to go?

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    • Without all the manipulation, acting like you don't care, and lack of romanticism.

    • Yup same

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  • for some reason people treat me like a baby all the time so I really try to exhibit independence on all things- soil I really hate it when guys insist on taking care of the check, carrying my backpack, tying my shoe, etc. I mean I appreciate the gesture but I'm already babied enough, you know?

    • Yup I get that.

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    • Agreed and agreed.. Glad you're ok:)

    • Oh yeah I'm great, but thanks :)

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  • Nothing. Everything should be initiated by men, sadly.

    • Sadly as in you don't like it or , sadly as in you're patronizing me :p

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    • I liked the 'things on motion stay in motion part' :D

    • :) :)

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