How do I win his attention back?

I feel like he has started to loose interest in me, how can i get him to want me as much as he did before? Now we barely talk and barely see each other like once every 2-3 weeks


Most Helpful Girl

  • Are you sure you aren't just a booty call? Have you had sex with him? If you have that might have caused him to become uninterested.

    I would ease off communication, let him contact you first and in the mean time hang out with friends and family. One of two things will happen then either:
    a) he stops contacting you and if this happens he wasn't worth your time anyways and its better to find out sooner then later.
    b) He thinks you might be losing interest or starts to think you aren't desperate so he starts to contact you.


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What Guys Said 2

  • You can't, but you shouldn't want someone who's lost interest in you anyways.

  • By not annoying or pestering him (and heads up, that still might not work). Scale back the amount you talk to him, analyze how you behave and what you say when you do, then hope for the best.


What Girls Said 1

  • tell him that you want to communicate with him more often!

    • Haha yeah that's not going to work if he is feeling crowded which I suspect is the case.

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