Long distance and both of us are shy. how to get things to work?

So I liked this guy for a long time (7 years ) I actually really love him. I never felt this for any other guu. I can say I liked other guys during this time but any of them was even half of what i feel for him. The problem is he lives in another city (he come ssometimes here ) and I am shy and he is even more shy sometimes he seems he likes me but sometimes he is very distant. I understand his behaviour sometimes because I used to be like him because of the shyness. The problem is I dont know how to approach him without making him feel overwhelmed how to ask him on a date when he comes here or when I go there , how to be flirty on instagram and facebook without making him shy and scared.


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  • easy, be cute with anything you do, ask him to take you places and or say there's this restaurant or event that you wanted to check out and want him to go. Be sure its you and him, Its not a impossible thing to be done lol its all in the mind. Best of luck!!!1

    • that good idea since we both love music and attending concerts I can persuade him to come to my city to go to a concert and I know there is some music festivals he is interested in going here and I am interested in going in one there and he goes all the time to that festival.

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