Stay away from beautiful women?

Is this old sayng true?

I dated a gorgeous woman last year, and I ended up breaking it with her. I think I may have overthought things and let my insecurities get to me.

I never dated someone so attractive before.

Then again, her best friend didn't like me from the get go and tried to sabatoge our relationship. I think she was jealous of the fact that I was taking her friend away. I also think that she was shallow and thought my girlfriend should have been with a wealthy guy (I am not). I was also intimidated by the fact that my ex told me that her family would be tough on me as they also expected her to marry wealthy.

In the end, my ex was not a bad person, but I thought she was a bit of a princess. I did feel some guilt about the breakup as she cried when I told her it was best to part ways.

We do have a mutual friend so this have provided me with an even greater incentive to remain cordial with the ex. She has pulled some silly stunts like ignoring me or showing up where I am and flirting with guys in my presence. Throughout all this, I have maintained the high road, have always greeted her, and have never, ever been rude.

This is a woman who told she inititated breakups with all her exes (not what a new boyfriend needs to hear) and only once before had someone turn her down. She also told me she gets hit everywhere all the time. When I broke up with her, she mentioned that it wa karma for "all the guys she screwed over."

Once again, she is gorgeous and when I see her, I am tempted to go back. But, I hold myself back.

Is this all this mess my insecurity, or is it really best to stay away from such beautiful women and instead focus on the cute, down to earth ones? Perhaps the gorgeous ones are way to aware of their own beauty and get so much attention, have so much expectations, that it's almost impossible for an average chap to keep them happy for the long term.

Thanks for the thoughts.


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  • I've been called beautiful. but my heart was always broken by not good looking guys. So it's just the girl's personality. Not her looks.


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  • Well its hatd cause most women im attracted to are really beautiful


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  • She is manipulative. Dont let her beauty blind your focus.

  • Just find someone who makes you happy lol


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