Whats a good place for a first date?

i plan on assking this girl out take her to "Sweet Frog" which is a ice cream place where we can talk and stuff then go see a moive since i work there its free. but im not sure if this is good. i feel like a dinner date is too soon. were friends but not super close friends


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  • Ice cream is a great Idea, but unless you've hung out with her before, and talked and stuff, the movie isn't the greatest Idea. the goal of a first date is to get to know the other person, and you can't really do that at a movie.
    What about mini golf, or bowling?

    • yea we've talked before a few days ago we spent the day at the beach alone at her secret beach from like 3- 10 we all hung out togther in groups at the movies before but never alone

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    • that sounds like a great first date!! :) Good luck

    • cool ok thanks haha

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  • Ice cream yes movie maybe afterwards but i think first dates should be somewhere were u can actually talk

    • i was hoping that we could talk when we get ice cream and then see a movie as somethign chill, I've talked to her before and she's proetty comfortable with me we hung out at the beach alone from like 3-10 with a crazy story that will knock your socks off hhaa

  • Ice cream sounds good!


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