Who should pay in dates? And why?

Who should pay in dates? And why? And please mention that you are a old fastion or modren and what age is your

Thanks xoxo...


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  • I'm all for paying for her but eventually we will split the bill. If you pay for most of a woman stuff and she doesn't show her appreciation back or tell you, you need to dump her quick fast and in a hurry.

    • Can you please elaborate it because I don't get your point well why you need to dump her

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    • Lol
      He didn't said that he won't pay for his stuff and you said no second date because you can choose other on the same works with him

    • Sawrey, wrong opinion haha. I thought there was a guy who said the woman had to pay the first date.

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  • I'm modern/progressive. We take turns. He bought us drinks the first time, I got us coffee the next time, and it just continued from there. With some insistence from me, because he's more the "gentleman" type. Which is sweet and appreciated, but I like to give and be courteous too. It's not perfectly 50/50, but around there. I think it's the more fair/equal way of doing things, and I prefer that.

  • Just pay for your own things and you could pay for something small for the other one once in a while.

    • That was good.
      What do you think about turns

    • That's alright, but the person shouldn't get butthurt then if some turns are more expensive than others.

    • Yeah, I get it.
      It may happens then I think you have to plane it very well otherwise splitting is a good idea

  • I'm 20. I'm not old fashioned.

    I like going to nice places but only when I have a job. And I'm upfront with my partner and friends about why I don't want to go to certain places.

    If I have money, I can pay for myself (I did that just a few days ago on a date with my boyfriend)

    But if he suggest to go somewhere expensive and insists then I assume he's paying because he knows I don't have the cash for that.

    Then I expect him to pay.

    • Ok, but why don't you pay some of the money that how much you can offer

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    • And to clarify the gift part... he sees it as a gift, I see that it is a gift from him. But, I can't accept what he's doing as a gift. Hell, I feel like paying back ex's who took me out on Valentine's Day.
      I don't like feeling indebted to people.

    • That sounds good
      Thanks for your opinion

  • I don't mind paying. Especially if I'm the one who asked him or her out

    • Will you ask guys out as much as guys ask girl out

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    • Of course I have. I don't know who pays the majority, I don't keep track

    • I hope you share a fare part good luck

  • The man should pay. I'm old fashion. And I'm 23 years old.

    Why? Because guys aren't very vocal or emotional. Their way of expressing love or tha they care are through gestures like paying for a meal, opening a door or giving us their jacket.
    How do girls express love or that they care? We are more vocal, easy to express emotions and we show appreciation in other ways like looking cute, cooking, cleaning, a back rub... Yes yes this is a sexist way of seeing things but I like that way. I think it balances right.

    The way my boyfriend shows that he loves me is by spoiling me for example.

    • For example what?

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    • @MrChadeo920

    • Lol, you are not cheap because you are balancing that was good

  • Generally it should be the guy because that's the... "tradition" but personally i prefer 50/50. Everyone pays for their own meal

    • Will you follow the tradition =gender roles
      Or not
      I was confused little bit that is why I am asking

  • I never expect the guy to pay for a date so I always take money with me.

    • Have you ever paied for dates

    • I pay for my share of the date. I'm at uni and most of the guys I date are too so we're usually both poor so neither of us can afford to pay the full bill.

    • Oh!.. that is fine
      Good luck

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  • Well im 19 yr old guy.. I like paying for dates but sometimes its cool if a girl paid.. but if I have the Money then I want to

    • Why only you?

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    • Why

      I think you are following the gender roles?

    • I mean is your girl Cooke's and cleans for you

  • I'm a fancy pants I let's her pay the bill first then on the next date Its on me.

    • She will pay on first, why don't you?

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    • @asker I did it plenty of times D: for once can I get at least a happy meal? 3:

      @Lioness to answer your question I'm either testing her or I forgot my wallet. But in case I forgot my wallet I'll just use the computer chip I have on my wrist.

    • Haha... ok lol

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