What do either you girls or guys felt about that ex gf/bf that you took for granted?

Regret? Whatever, cus they're the past? Lesson to not treat someone like that ever again?


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  • My ex-girlfriend only wanted to use me for sex. That will never happen again.


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  • Honestly I would just try to not think about/worry over something that's in the past, but if you do feel like you've missed out on a perfectly good relationship and that you could have done something differently, then just take that as a learning lesson for the next relationship.

    When getting into a relationship, make sure to treasure your significant other and treat them as precious beings you whom you want to stay in your life. If you want them to stay, you have to put the effort in- always be sure to show them exactly how much they mean to you :)


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  • I actually regret one of my exes

    • Why? If u dont mind me asking?

    • Well he asked me out last summer but I didn't know that he was dating one of MY friends so I said yes and so we dated for about a month and all of a sudden he tells me that his cousin said that if he didn't break up with me she would call the police so he did and I cried and then a month after our break up he texts me saying that he misses me and still loves me so we end up going out again and I think 2 months passed and he tells me that he was dating my friend and he acted like it was no big deal and I cried for like a weekšŸ˜”so yea I hate him soooo much

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