Anyone on here ever actually hooked up with someone off tinder?

i don't have the app myself but keep hearing about it and wonder how common a practise it has become to actually meet someone for sex or a hook up using that site. since i haven't used the site itself not sure how it works and such or anything about it. so wondering what experiences people on here have had with it? were people who they claimed to be in picture? better or worse looking than pics they posted? did anything work out?
  • i have hooked up with someone from tinder
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  • what is tinder?
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  • I haven't but I have heard people on here swear by it. Adultfriendfinder. net is ONLY a hook-up site as well so if you're looking for that...

    Try Craigslist as well.


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  • I don't use Tinder, but i have several buddies that have hooked up with people from it. I have a gym friend, she hooked up with an NFL player off of Tinder lol!! Some backup player I'd never heard of, but still.

  • What is tinder?

    • Dating/hookup app

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    • Bleh Tinder is gross anyways

    • tinder strikes me as a tough place to have success with dating unless your super good looking as its mostly based around looks the way the app works from what I've heard you see pictures of the person and decide based on there appearance if you'd be interested or not. so yeah if your super hot it might get you some leads but if not might be more of a disappointment

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