How can I tell if this woman likes me?

Kinda interested in this girl at university. I had to take 9 days off of school and she helped me get caught up in our class. During our study sessions, I was trying to gauge her level of interest in me, and now I'm just confused. I messaged her on Facebook inquiring about the status of a class we had together. I gave her my phone number and offered her the option of texting me instead. 8 minutes later she texted me, offering to meet up with me and giving me 3-4 different days that she was available. She had reserved a room in the library for us.

The first day she tutored me, it left me with confusion. After an hour of her teaching me, I had offered to walk her to her automobile, but she declined, saying "it's not too far away" and instead offered to drive me back to my apartment. I declined because we were only about 300 metres away. Around this time it was 10:15 at night and her house was 20 minutes away, so she was kind of in a rush to get petrol before the station closed for the day. Before she left, I reached my arms out to hug her, she smiled, and hugged me back, and we said out goodbyes and parted for the day.

Two days later we met up again. When I went inside the room, I sat down a few seats away from her, and she had asked me if the room was OK and if alternatively I wanted to go to a table outside instead. I declined. She got up and moved to a seat closer to where I was. This is where I tried to read some signals but... it could've all been just semantics. I would reposition my seat, to see if her body was still facing me. She re-positioned her torso to face me each time. She played with her hair a couple times, and every time she would look up after reading from her notes to me, she would like me in the eye, even when I wasn't looking at her. Sometimes, she would look at the other guy in the room studying with us, but not as much as me. She smiled when we hugged.
Does she like me? What do you guys think? Or am I just reading into it too much


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  • I'm no expert but from what you wrote, you are looking for something that isn't there. You like her but she seems to just find you to be someone she tutors.

  • She doesn't like you. She's just friendly.


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