Would you date a person with nothing to offer, but?

Trying to build their life to be much better? I have undergone a lot of depression, anxiety, and other things in my life. These things were keeping me from doing what I truly wanted, but more and more each day, I feel like I want to take over my life in a big way.

I don't have a car
I have a rather poor job (10/hour, about 30 hours a week)
I don't have much money (connected to the above)
I have no experience in relationships
I don't have a degree (only about one year of college)
I have confidence in myself, but not when it comes to approaching a woman.

I want to fix my life, badly. I want to accomplish a lot of great tasks, some out of the ordinary. I wouldn't mind dating someone, I think that could help me fix it up. But if I look at what I have to offer, there is pretty much nothing there, it's just me.


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  • Most women want a man that's already established. A strong wen would be part of his struggles, survive it, succeed together and build an empire ^^

    I read this somewhere and I just felt like its right to put that here. Yes, there are for sure girls who would date you. Find that strong woman who would love to take part of your struggles ^^


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  • A person who really loves you or wants you would overlook that because you're at least wanting to change.

    But keep in mind too that there's a difference between wanting to change your life, and actually doing something about it. If you're all talk, then they would eventually leave.

    • Before someone tries to accuse me of calling women gold diggers or whatever, that's not what I meant.

      You don't have to be rich or anything to get a girl (or guy if you go that way), but you DO have to be ambitious. Everyone wants someone who wants to progress in life, especially women. They may not say it, but they're not gonna be happy for long being with a guy who doesn't want to progress in any way (academically, job-wise, etc.) and is content with staying in the same place they're at forever.

    • I understood what you were saying, and I agree.

      There are some things that are changing in my life that are, sort of, out of my control, and driving a change. For once, I actually don't want to let people down, which isn't an emotion I'm used to dealing with.

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  • I would date someone because we would click on a personality level. The rest is fairly irrelevant.

  • It sounds like me. We have our love to offer but it is not enough for girls I suppose.

    • I can't say I blame them. I just want to know, is the desire to change and move forward to accomplishments enough, even if no accomplishments are there.

  • Its maybe possible if the girl is okay with something casual, not looking to get married or settle down yet.


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