What do you do if your enemy likes a guy and you do too?

This girl hangs out with this guy at school. It is so obvious she's flirting with him. I also have a crush on him, and it just makes me so angry. He doesn't even like her back. I am afraid to talk to her because she stabbed me with a pencil once. What do I do?
  • Leave it alone, he'll eventually get tired of her.
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  • Suck it up and talk to her.
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  • Tell a friend and get them to help.
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  • Hang out with him so she can't hang out with him.
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  • Use my 92 step plan to get rid of her
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  • Talk to him to and tell him to stop hanging out with her
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  • If you think he likes you then ask him out and she will go away most likely.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I mean if he don't like her back and your so sure of it, and he likes you, then why worry about it?


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  • Use a very comlex plan to destroy the competition.


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