Into me or not? He would say things like as long as I wanted him he wanted to keep making me happy, etc.

So we were seeing each other, everything was perfect he would say things like as long as I wanted him he wanted to keep making me happy, etc. All of a sudden he's not ready for the pressure of a "relationship" (even though I never asked him for an official title or anything). So just dissapears no text, no calls, nothing I was non existant. When ever we do coincide that's when he starts looking at me and trying to talk to me, then texts me to tell he had a great time seeing me. He says its not a good idea to hook up cause it only makes it harder to stay away (although we did and apparently staying away wasn't that hard) and just because he doesn't write or call doesn't mean that he's not thinking of me. Then after 3 weeks of silence he writes to wish me a happy bday exactly at midnight not a minute over. Whenever we do talk he asks about what I was doing and kind of fishes for info to see who was I hanging out with, meanwhile he's always hanging out with his female "bff" What the hell is going on in his brain?


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  • U are having sex with a guy who only hits u up every 3wks and u dont hear from during those wks? Thats not good, dont be that girl! Move on to some who wants to be with u. no more texting talking nothing, or u will be a victim of the rumor mill! And u dont want that

    • I slept with him only once after he fell off the face of the earth, 1 reason being I still really like him 2nd reason being I ddnt want to add another name to the list or people saying that i went from one to the other. the other times we were seeing eachother and we would talk/text everyday.

    • At25to29 you got to be kidding that u give a fuck what anybody says or thinks about u? So u want to fix the unfixable! U will have a future with him not as a partner but as a second class citizen. Find some caring respectful guy. Your to old to hitch up with that loser

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  • you're his booty call. and wants you to only want him and no one else. that's an unhealthy relationship. good luck with it.

    • That's the thing when he wanted to cuddle he did not try anything sexual not even a kiss, and the time after when we did hook up I initiated everything.

    • huh...

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  • He wants his bff but might want you and doesn't know what to do. Tough one

    • Yeah his "bff" has a boyfriend so if thats his choice then he really didn't deserve me.

    • I wouldn't waste any more time on him.

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