Been on a few dates with this guy and we spend our weekends together, is it a good thing?

Met him online and i am wondering if he's seeing other girls.

I didn't really show any controlling actions. Im just running it through my head.

All of our dates were initiated by him. First two dates were on a Wednesday then Saturday same week. Our recent date was just the last Friday until Saturday.

If he's inviting me for a date on weekends, would it at least mean that he's not seeing other girls?


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  • I would imagine he is really into you as theirs a short space between each date so avoid being paranoid he is into you only

    • Hi thank you! Im honestly starting to get paranoid. It would hurt me if he's seeing someone else, though i dont really show my feelings.

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    • Ohhh hmm you can't really say that she's interested to you just she accepted your friends request. Have you met her in person?

    • Not yet but hope too

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  • I dn't think he's seeing other girls but if you really want to know ask him.

    • Thanks! I plan to ask him but not now.

    • good luck!

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