Girl who told me she liked me many times and even said she was falling for me. Has pulled away and got very distant?

I was talking to this girl for a few months, see was 6 months out of a very long relationship. We would meet up once or twice a week to go to bars with friends or her family or go out on a date by are selfs. Well every thing was going great we had awesome chemistry liked and disliked a lot of the same things. Even down to food We had also kissed, held hands, and had sex a few times after a great night out. Well we went on a date (dinner and a movie) It went awesome we held hands though out the movie and made out for a while at the end of the night. She also told me how much she liked me and spending time with me again ( which she did a lot). The next week she started to be distant, slowly texting me less, but still starting the conversions. She then told me she wasn't ready for a relationship and wanted to take things slow. Cause she needs to figure herself out and her life. Which I was said I understand and was ok with. Well she still would text me after that, we made plans to meet up, but she canceled them due to sickness, she did reschedule to next week tho. That next week see slowly talked to me less and her good morning texts stopped. She ended up canceling again because she was busy that week with stuff she told me about. She also said she wasn't trying to blow me off. Well that next week she completely stopped talk to me, so after a few I asked her whats is up. She told me see was super busy and just needs to work on herself right now and figure herself out and that she is just not interested right now. So I thought it was over and wished her well. So after 10 days of no contact she messaged me asking how I was and we talked for a little bit. About 4 days later I messaged on facebook her after hearing something happen to her. See if she was ok and doing well, I had no questions in the message, just wishing her well. See responded the next day tell me about it, so we talk for a bit. It has been 5 day since then with no contact.
Has she loss interest, confused, scared, meet someone else, or truly needs to figure herself out?
I also did not say anything about a relationship, she was the one to bring it up. Nor did a push for one.


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  • I've been through that, as a girl. I believe she likes u, but she still uncertain. Maybe there's still someone in her heart that she can't let go. Maybe she s trying out w you to forget the one she once longed for. For me, I believe that if a girl really likes u from the v start w no other intention like replacing you or using u to forget someone else, then she will love you deeply and such things would not happen. Only when she has someone else in her mjnd would then such things happened. I used to date a guy, I know he can't forget his ex but he told me he will never love her again but occasionally, he still does. I mean most of the time. He told me how much I've changed his life and make him smile. But honeymoon time doesn't last forever. In a long run, or a few months later he was drunk and he told me he couldn't forget his ex and all that he has done with me or has started out w me was merely jus trying out and he tot he could replaced me w her, but somehow it didn't hapoen.

    • Yeah Maybe so, I really just don't know. I pretty sure she is over her ex, I heard from other people they just grew apart over time. The whole thing is just weird to me, thing went from so well with her super interested to her pulling away like she did. Friends and her sister really don't know and still think we are hanging out. I dated quite a bit before, but never have had a girl so into me with all the saying she likes me stuff and even her saying she is falling for me, go so distant. She did say she was falling for me. she said she hasn't felt like this about anyone since her ex, which is scary, but good. So you may be right, that was only times she said anything about her ex. So I really don't know what is going on with this girl, I have taken it as she has lost all interest the way I haven't seen her in over a month and only talked a few times in the last three weeks, which she texted me first for one of the times. I know I should move on, but I am just having a hard time with it

    • True, this is the worst feeling. It's hard to move on when so many things are left unsaid and unsolved. like what happened exactly , does she still like me or maybe she have a reason , maybe she is tired , maybe I'm boring. There's no answer. You are puzzled. How to move on right? What I would recommend you is to not overthink. I mean yes, even if you avoid, the feeling of agony and pain will still come back knocking on the door but remember, time doesn't stop. I believe you can let yourself fall and break into pieces for that few day but rmbr to pull yourself up again and get yourself busy , studying/working or hanging out w friends. Pls do not find a replacement, this doesn't help. You're not solving the prob you're just escaping. Deal with it, face it bravely. You'll be okay, the girl has her reason, I believe. Humans are weird. We can love a phone so much and a few months later we jus fall in love with a new one, you see..

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