Really embarrassed when people ask if I have a boyfriend?

I feel really embarrassed telling people that i don't have a boyfriend or how inexperienced i am :( I'm always known as the single friend. They have even said its weird and they were laughing about it. I feel like such a loser :( Does anyone else feel like this?


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  • You're not alone, there are a lot of 'losers' like you in the world, myself included. I used to be embarrased about it too but then I just stopped giving a fuck. 😉
    If your friends hate on you/make fun of you for a stupid reason like that, maybe you should get new friends, just sayin'.

    • i think they just don't understand because they have done everything, and its like uncommon. Glad i'm not alone though :)

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  • You shouldn't feel that way. You don't need a boyfriend to feel happy because your saving yourself for that special one, and your waiting for the right one to come. It is the best thing because you will have less heartbreaks.

  • I'm with you girlfriend :(

    • Goes to show us all guys, that even really good looking girls, don't have it easy in dating!

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