So, my guy friend and I both said we liked each other around a month ago. He won't even talk to me anymore and won't even look at me. Really confused?

My guy friend and I used to FaceTime until 2:30 in the morning. We texted all the time, told each other secrets, everything a girl could dream of. We both liked each other (which we both admitted during one of our facetime calls) and I was living in a dream. That dream lasted about a day. One day, he completely stopped answering my texts. I tried to facetime him, tried to text him and he never answered. At that point, I wanted to ask my friend if he had been texting her for the past week he hadn't said a word to me. She said that they had been texting all the time. So, last night (this is around a month after he stopped texting me) he requested to facetime. I picked up immediately, so happy that he wanted to talk. My happiness turned to anger and frustration as I found out his friend stole his phone. I talked with his friend, who had been lying the whole time. His name, age and grade were unknown to me because he kept making things up and I wasn't sure which thing he said was actually true. He then started to say that my friend liked me. Then he said that he hated me. I wasn't sure what to believe at this point. When I woke up this morning, I found out that my friend texted me. I then found out that it was a dare and soon realized that the only reason he ever texted me anymore was because he was forced to. I asked my friend to ask him if he hated me or disliked me in any way shape or form. According to her, he changed the subject without answering me. My friend definitely agrees that he doesn't have a crush on me anymore but I'm not sure what our friendship is anymore either. Yesterday, I saw him at the dance studio and smiled and waved. He looked away from me without smiling or waving back. I'm starting to think he just doesn't want to be friends anymore. What do you guys think?
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  • That guy has all the maturity of a toddler. Just leave him alone.


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