Kissing before dating?

A guy I like has asked me if I he can kiss me.

the problem is we are not dating. We both know that we like each other, but he says commitment is like kryptonite. And says "but for you I will try" ahh...i don't know .

What should I do?!

We haven't kissed yet.


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  • I would do it as a girl. Depends on what kinda kiss tho. If you don't want sex then don't lead him on by kissing him with out a commitment, that tells him that if he grinds you he can hit it without commitment too. If you don't care about that then do it, but if you do keep the upper hand and make him wait to prove him self to you he's not there just to have sex and in the process you will trap him to be in love with you.

    But if he gets mad because you won't kiss him and tells you to f*** off or something like that because you resist sexual urges he is only after one thing. Cool?

    • Kryptonite WTF lol. Go for it , see how it go's but make sure in the future he doesn't say kryptonite again little child like lol!

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    • Lol. good point. never thought of it that way.

    • People that do not want a relationship are in the playing mode. They don't know what they want. And people that don't know what they want are dangerous because they can easily hurt someone.

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  • I've not heard anything like this before.

    I'd say that you could go ahead and do it once. From there, try leading him on a bit, remember that if the kiss is good, you have more power in the relationship.

    You have something to dangle in front of him, If he wants more, then he should start going out with you, then you can take things as quickly or as slowly as you want from there.

    Do it once, and Taunt him.

  • Kissing before dating I would say is fine. If you like him, kiss him. If he likes you theirs nothing wrong with kissing. As for the "kryptonite" comment he just doesn't know how good commitment can be. Being with the same person can be very rewarding.

  • Sure, as long as you aren't annoyed by lame "like kryptonite" comparisons.

  • People like that are just trying to get in your pants. You should say no.


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