What does it mean if a guy fails to follow through with plans?

I recently started talking to a guy who is 20 years older than me (I'm 24 and he's 44). I met him at my job (I work at a school) and I've known his son for a few years. He recently told me that he liked me and he told me that his son knew about him liking me. We've only hung out three times so far; we've been talking since the end of march.

This past week he asked me to have dinner with him and his son on Wednesday. Long story short something came up and he asked if we could do dinner early Friday . I texted him Thursday night to see if we were still hanging out on Friday , and he didn't respond. I haven't heard from him since Wednesday (thats 5 days now). What should I do? Is he playing games? Should I move on?


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  • ummm, does sound odd indeed being 45 myself, perhaps he got some feedback from the son? could he being playing you against someone else? it could be nothing... i would not chase though, if he is keen he will make contact and contacting him may appear desperate. I would stay though texting isn't always reliable, perhaps it didn't arrive or read by someone else?

    • Well when he asked me to dinner with him and his son (he asked me in person) I did ask him if his son was okay with it, and he said he had already talked to him about it and he said it was a cool idea! I assumed since he has involved his son and wants us to all spend time together that he wanted something serious, especially since he's 44 also. Do you think it might've been a bad idea for me to text him Thursday to confirm the plans he had rescheduled for friday? Should I just let him contact me and just do nothing for the time being?

    • i don't think you have done anything wrong, it is an odd one given the background you have explained. I would'nt chase, as long as he has ways of contacting you any keen man will make a move no question

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  • I think you should let him contact you for the time being, do not contact him!


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  • It's best not to date him and yes you should end it


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